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    GER DETECT GOLD HUNTER Geolocator - Professional Long Range Detector - Gold

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    Long Range - Geo Locator

    Long Range - Geo Locator

    Gold Hunter gold and metal detector is an easy-to-use, simple and recommended device for all prospectors for metals buried underground.
    By this device it can detect buried gold, natural gold, silver, bronze and other precious metals and even old artifacts.
    The Gold Hunter device is a unique device that can detect different targets remotely and at great depths thanks to the simple device program which enables the user of the device to pre-select the type of target to be searched for, which gives more accurate results.
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    Gold Hunter includes 6 pre-programmed programs to search for various types of metal targets, as follows:
    1 - A program to search for buried gold and treasures
    2 - Gold ore program
    3 - Diamond program
    4 - Spaces program
    5 - Silver program
    6 - Gemstones Program
    The user can select the search program from the previous list and then the device will load the appropriate settings
    for the selected type of metal ,Then the device receives signals coming from buried metal objects of the chosen same metal type .
    The front scan range can be set by choosing to limit the search within a specific field from one of the following values:
    500 - 1000 - 1500 - 2000 m
    How Gold Hunter Works:
    When a signal is captured from a buried target, the device automatically tracks the signal towards the target. The device then moves towards the target indicated by the transmitting antenna and receiver. When the target center is reached, the device will turn to the target directly
    - Technology of Search Antennas
    The antennas used in the search in long range locator system were developed by a patented technology system called "Super Antenna".
    This system is the first of its kind, the antenna is the fastest and most powerful and easy to detect the various targets of gold and diamonds and precious metals underground.
    This antenna system consists of two coils (transmitter and receiver) operating according to the ground induction principle
    When the device is working, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver and the sensor generates a current signal (Eddy Current)
    This results in the generation of spiral waves and amplification of more than 1000 times to help the device to receive the signal and access to coverage of more areas in a very short time.
    Product Accessories and Components
    • Main Unit
    • Unit Holder
    • Signal Recipient
    • Charger
    • Safety Bag
    • Super Antenna
    • Signal Enhancer

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